274 Days Til Summer


274 Days Til Summer

Antonia O'Mahony

Opening: April 28 5:30 pm

Viewing: April 28 until May 8

In the repetition of day to day, standing again with our hands in dishwater, it seems that nothing changes.

The blackberry overgrowth in the cow paddock is cut back every autumn, futile work against relentless growth.

In summertimes the invasive bushes run wild, plastic ice cream containers are filled with berries ,

Stacking preserves into pantry cavities where they radiate garnet hued pulp, empty winter hollows filled with hopeful stories of summer.

And standing again with our hands in the dishwater, everything has changed.

In 2019 Antonia completed a Masters in Fine Art in which she studied the role of time and repetition of the everyday in the making of story, myth and history.

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