A dog walks

A dog walks

Mark Antony Smith & Craig Williams

Opening: October 23 5:30 pm

Viewing: October 23 until November 2

New paintings & ceramics

Artist Statements:

Mark Antony Smith:

A Dog Walks… into the frame, but there seems to be something slightly wrong, uneasy, a story that has been caught unaware.

Craig Williams:

I have been working in ceramics for the last 10 years having previously used printing as a medium for my artistic expression. Ceramics is the perfect medium for me in that it combines both an artistic and a practical aspect. I love the physicality of producing the art works and the interactive nature of the finished product. My work evolves from conceptual drawings to its eventual 3D form. Recently I have been using a slip casting process to make multiple copies of basic forms. From these I detail and modify the casting to generate individual uniquely textured or coloured pieces.

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