Batman Socks with Coco Pops


Batman Socks with Coco Pops

Jamie Mackman

Opening: June 24 5:30 pm

Viewing: June 24 until July 4

Fond. Favoured. Forgotten: When you think about things that happened in the past.

Addressing the familiar and seemingly mundane, or reliving the bittersweet,

Jamie willingly plays with the recollection of items from her childhood and adolescence and confronts them through the lens of her own present.

Jamie injects new life into these inconspicuous forms, some rendered with the immediacy of a fleeting memory and others recalled in meticulous, nostalgic detail.

Jamie Mackman recently moved to Whanganui from Wellington and grew up on the Kapiti Coast. An artist not consigned to one ticked box, Jamie works in various art forms, from oil painting and ceramics, to tapestry and soft sculpture. Whatever the material used, her work displays a methodical, skillful approach to honour each craft, bringing a fresh look to traditional processes.

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Space Studio & Gallery- 18 Saint Hill Street