blue gold


blue gold

Louisa Molly Annabell

Opening: September 2 5:30 pm

Viewing: September 2 until September 12

Video, sound and performance about the soul.

When I was 6 years old we talked about the soul, Mama and I. She said it wasn’t something you could touch or see. She said it was in the body but it wasn’t like lungs, or a tongue. It didn’t look like anything. It was like air, or like a shadow, or like how a fax travelled from one computer to the another. I thought I felt it once when our cat caught a bird and its body was dying in my palms. Maybe it felt like a dead bird. But a warm dead bird. That kind of weight. And I thought maybe it had a colour. Blue and gold.

Video shot by Anna Birchall

Edited and produced by Louisa Molly Annabell

Sound overlay by Louisa Molly Annabell

{Pop-up Gallery}

Space Studio & Gallery

18 Saint Hill Street