Characters from the Aotearoa forest


Characters from the Aotearoa forest

Amy Haarhoff

Opening: November 11 4:00 pm

Viewing: November 11 until November 14

Snapshots of Aotearoa’s night creatures as they dance in The Midnight Adventures of Ruru and Kiwi.

Amy Haarhoff is the guest artist for the Ngā manu, Ngā manu exhibition by Durie Hill School opening alongside in Galleries 1 & 2

{Pop-up Gallery}

Illustrator, Amy Haarhoff is a big believer in the importance of
mischief and spends a lot of time cooking up pictures and stories to
make people laugh. Sometimes, Amy also does serious things like
study and write essays. In fact, at the moment she is doing a Masters
in Illustration at Falmouth University which she finishes in May 2021. In 2019, Amy won the Storylines Gavin Bishop Award and, in 2020, her illustrations for her first picture book The Midnight Adventures of Ruru and Kiwi written by Clare Scott and published by Penguin Random House NZ were longlisted in the World Illustration Awards 2020. Amy is currently working on her own stories and hopes to produce a graphic novel in the near future.