Janeen Page

Opening: October 9 5:30 pm

Viewing: October 9 until October 19

From my home to yours: a sedimentary palette of Taranaki earth, rock, and ash.

Janeen Page’s hand-thrown domestic stoneware collection is the result of a 12-year study of the geology of her landscape – explored through the alchemy of ceramic glazes.

Sourced from north of Taranaki, the sedimentary minerals have been blended with the crumbling remnants of volcanic debris

The addition of Gorse and Boxthorn (Lycium ferrocissimum) brings layers of the region’s colonial past into her work, with the burnt ash pointing an anarchic finger at the problematic histories imprinted on the landscape.

The elements fused at 1300 degrees create a rich natural palette – telling the story which is carried by her organic thrown forms.

Matemateonga (Black) 

Mangapēkepeke (Green)          

Pouakai (Red)        

Matemateonga/Mangapekepeke (Black/Green)

Parininihi (Licorice)          

Gorse/Boxthorn (Brown/black)

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Please Note- Space has made a selection of works for online representation for this show- if you’d like to see more of a particular stock please email us.