Trevor Fry

Opening: August 17 5:30 pm

Viewing: August 17 until August 27

Trevor’s exhibition Gravity reflects his forty years engagement as an artist with the representational plethora of the male body in queer and gay culture. He invites us to rethink the ontologies of contemporary art and to rewrite its trajectories through an array of mediums ranging from passionate drawing to large-scale ceramics, provocative collage, video, photography, installation and performance. After Malarmé, he gives gravity to the sacrifice of certainty in exceptionally elegant and energetically charged choreographies and displays. From this rare experimental univocality, he negotiates and dissects poetic and experiential intersections hypothesising how such interweaving could potentially disseminate alternative depths and amplitudes. Trevor’s cinematic sense is comparable with Dogme’s delirious attempt to break with sociocultural encrustations.

Trevor received a PhD from the University of Sydney. He has exhibited widely in New Zealand and internationally.

Dr Reto Oechslin

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