Han Made Ceramics


Han Made Ceramics

Hannah Frances Blackburn

Opening: March 31 5:30 pm

Viewing: March 31 until April 10

The debut launch of Han Made Ceramics celebrating a unique collection of wheel thrown pottery.

Growing up in Tangimoana with parents who were makers, hunters and gatherers was a privilege and a wholesome beginning. Tangimoana beach was an extension of our home, so naturally I feel a deep connection to the sand, ocean and west coast shores.

A big part of my love for ceramics comes from my Dad, who used to be a potter. His work inspires me to be real and raw with the process of clay.

I have used black sand from the West Coast under multiple different glazes to bring a new life to the clay and I experimented with silhouettes that represent movement and uneven surfaces of the beach.

There is something restorative about the beach that we all seem to connect with. It is ever changing and yet it brings us back to a place of connection and stillness. These are the still moments I’d like for my pottery to enrich our everyday spaces.

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