in stillness


in stillness

Mayumi Sherburn

Opening: March 31 5:30 pm

Viewing: March 31 until April 10

contemplative work on paper and threads

These collages may reflect a moment of serenity, lying on the surface or at the bottom of someone’s heart. For my art practice, negative space plays a very essential part. Probably it is coming from my Japanese cultural heritage. Negative space equals silence and to me silence often speaks more than what was actually said.

I tried to create ‘stillness’ within my work, using a limited colour-palette which is almost monochrome with only a touch of a few discreet colours.

I used my favourite medium, ‘washi’ (Japanese paper), in all collages, even some threads are made from washi.

I also featured ‘suminagashi’ (Japanese-ink marbling) in some of my collages. I hope it nourishes a sub-conscious quiet flow.

My stitches are mostly random and impromptu, but intricate and link all elements together.

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