Susan Dryden & Rose McLeod

Opening: April 14 5:30 pm

Viewing: April 14 until April 24

An exploration seeking clarity in the midst of chaos and complexity using paint and colour.

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Susan Dryden – Artist Statement:

My painting of interiors is done with the intention of creating quiet spaces which are restful. Places that might evoke memory of places known or places they can mentally slip away to.

I use rooms of my own, friends or from images I find that speak to me. I combine images with photoshop with others to create the composition and environment that suits me. I use acrylic or oil in conjunction with paint pigments that allows me to mix a greater range of colours.

In this busy world with so much negativity on our screens and in the news, I hope my paintings might provide a little peace for those viewing.

Rose McLeod- Artist Statement

Rose McLeod is an MFA graduate from the Dunedin School of Art 2008. Of British and Ngai Tahu descent she has recently relocated to Whanganui from Waiheke Island.

With a background as an inter-disciplinary artist, primarily in textiles, she currently paints.

This work is an exploration seeking clarity in a world of chaos, confusion and complexity.