Layers of the Land


Layers of the Land

Kylie Wardlaw

Opening: October 28 5:30 pm

Viewing: October 28 until November 7

Using landscape as a metaphor to reflect internal states in a lively, evocative way

It has been said that every portrait is in some way actually a ‘portrait’ or representation of the artist themselves.  I wonder whether the same could be said of a landscape – if the personality, element of consciousness, emotion and subjectivity of the artist is imbued in a landscape painting.

Every landscape artist responds to their subject in some way.  Lately I have been thinking about the landscape as an external representation of internal states, a metaphor for emotions and human experience.

Concepts that you can find in landscapes such as converging or merging, pathways, grounding, freedom, distance, perspective and movement can be symbols for states of being.

A high horizon line can suggest layers and depths of the subconscious beneath.  A pathway or river can flow through a landscape as a direction does in life.  Tides and weather change like emotions.

Driving through the landscape I get a sense of expansiveness from the sky, recession into the distance and perhaps a sense of wholeness.

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