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Leonie Sharp

Opening: April 24 5:30 pm

Viewing: April 24 until May 4

Kintsugi is built on the idea of strength and beauty in imperfection. When a ceramic object breaks, the kintsugi technique involves using gold dust and resin (or lacquer) to reattach the broken pieces. The resulting piece thus incorporates the unique cracks in its design, and the gold lines add to the beauty of the piece while strengthening it. This art form is seen to many as a metaphor for brokenness and healing- that embracing one’s scars and imperfections can allow us to love that journey and accept our imperfect yet healed selves as unique, beautiful and strong.


{Pop-up Gallery} Space Studio & Gallery, 66 Taupo Quay


The works:

All dimensions refer to the frame size and are in centimeters.

Works use real feathers- bird details are listed on individual works- they are safe to travel through customs.