MB Stoneman

Opening: September 2 5:30 pm

Viewing: September 2 until September 12

New work inspired by experiences in Crete, Greece – an ode to nature, ritual, vessels, deities, sanctuary. An offering.

The pouring out of a drink as an offering to a deity

Origin; from libare ‘pour as an offering’.

Pour a libation to

Conclude a pact

Make an offering

Perform a rite

Enter into an agreement

Guarantee an action

Onto the earth

for the dead or chthonic gods

In the Book of the Dead in the Odyssey,

Odysseus digs an offering pit, pours honey, wine, water

Heroes receive blood libation

Libations for the dead in their tombs – milk & honey

Turn towards the east, tip vessels to the west

Olive branches in hand, strew to the ground

where earth has drunk the libation

With a silent prayer, depart, without looking back

{Gallery 2}

Space Studio & Gallery

18 Saint Hill Street