Love Lies Bleeding


Love Lies Bleeding

Katherine Claypole & MB Stoneman

Opening: February 3 5:30 pm

Viewing: February 3 until February 13

An exhibition of new work by MB Stoneman & KJ Claypole

Humans have a curious and far-reaching relationship with plants, with strands of meaning and connection threaded throughout history. In the Victorian era, flowers were used to deliver messages, offering a complex language to communicate intimate or malevolent sentiments. They allowed people to express feelings which otherwise could not be spoken.

The drooping crimson tassle of Love Lies Bleeding represents hopeless love, but also draws attention to ‘our capacity to suffer or bleed not for ourselves but for all of humanity and for the redemption of earth itself’.  Poisonous plants possess dual qualities such as offering comfort from pain.  Deadly Nightshade had a cosmetic use in the Renaissance period, when women used the juice of the berries as eyedrops to dilate the pupils to make them more seductive, hence it’s common name Belladonna, ‘beautiful woman’ in Italian. It was also used by cunning witches, to enable them to fly.

These works offer a glimpse into our appreciation and fascination of how we relate to the organic world.  Our mutually beneficial relationship with the plant kingdom is conscious and endless.

This collaboration was born from a mutual serendipitous moment, stemming from beauty and awe.

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