the dark matters

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the dark matters

MB Stoneman

Opening: May 22 5:30 pm

Viewing: May 22 until June 1

the dark matters

A new series of figurative monoprints; solo familiars connected to nature.

these tributaries be

here, fire is talking

as my eyes roll back I pant

to sow as a seed in lucid earth

to reap that which springs forth

small deaths tasted knees to chest

in between it all I lie floating

the threshold lives here with me

as fire falls silently

looking away so as not to appear

dark oceans sing in morning’s glory

i see your mountain and raise you a range

the tame snakes calm me gently

light dances like waterfalls

the river runs right through me

MB Stoneman 2019


{Galley 1} Space Studio & Gallery, 66 Taupo Quay


The Works:

All prints are framed unless otherwise stated– all dimensions are in centimeters


Exhibition Details:

This series of works are monotypes – a single print taken from a drawing made with oil-based printing ink on a sheet of plastic (matrix).

I inked up the dark shapes using hand-cut stencils directly on the matrix and then, using brushes, cotton buds, rags and sticks,  removed ink to create a monochrome image of tones and lines. Subtle textures are explored through mark-making and the characteristics of the rolled ink.  The works were each made in a single sitting (2-4 hours) to ensure the ink would stay pure and not dry out.  The complexities are challenging and demand focus.

The image is transferred to dampened cotton paper by the pressure of an etching press.

Like painting with light, this subtractive technique means I’m literally pulling these familiars out of the dark.