Amla Meijer

Opening: November 25 5:30 pm

Viewing: November 25 until December 5

( A change in form, structure or function as a result of a development)

Amla Meijer’s recent works explore the Metamorphosis of her personal experiences and the artistic practice of her past and how choices can shape her future.

Amla is a Whanganui based artist whose work ranges from bold, expressive, colourful and abstract paintings to intricate, contained, controlled and fine craftsmanship in her jewellery manufacturing. Amla’s influences combine the contrasting tribal patterns of indigenous African textile design from the Kuban people with the ever-changing New Zealand landscapes, seasons and colour.

She blends pattern and line over layers of paint, which sometimes appears from the depths of the canvas into a controlled bold top layer, revealing only partial and hints of the base layer. Her approach is fluid and intuitive, without over controlling the creative process.

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