Ngā manu, Ngā manu


Ngā manu, Ngā manu

Opening: November 11 4:00 pm

Viewing: November 11 until November 14

The Junior Tui Team at Durie Hill School have created Eric Carle inspired New Zealand artworks.

The Process:

Drawing their birds by hand on a whiteboard, copies were made to create a jigsaw puzzle with the different parts of their birds. Tissue was painted in different colours and cut to suit the different shapes. The children then diligently assembled the pieces to create beautifully coloured, textured Eric Carle inspired birds.

Amazing mahi Dure Hill School!

If you are unable to get in to see the show and you have a child in the exhibition- we are happy to photograph their special piece (like the examples seen below); please quote their name and room number to:

{Gallery 1 & 2}