Ngā tohu o te ao hurihuri


Ngā tohu o te ao hurihuri

Hōhua Thompson

Opening: June 15 5:30 pm

Viewing: June 15 until June 25

Tension and precarity are not new concepts for most. Conflicting ideologies and a pandemic among other have had lasting impacts on our communities. The last year has been a stark reminder that we live in a tense and precarious time.

 Ngā tohu o te ao hurihuri  is an optimistic meditation on the resilience many of us have needed during this time of unrest, while also considering the beauty that can come from adversity.

Building layer upon layer, the interwoven materials and forms spatially explore Matariki (the star cluster Pleaides) and Puanga (the star Rigel in the constellation of Orion) as signs of the Māori New Year.

Elastic cable is used to connect and support pou made from recycled rimu. The contrasting materials create new tense but malleable forms each time they are reconstructed. Although they may look precarious, the forms are held strong by both tension and rigidity. A coming together of different ideologies.

The new year brings opportunity for reflection and growth, and the work encourages understanding and aims to foster discourse of how we have collectively and individually been affected by the tension of the last year, to re-establish connections and help to hold each other up.

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This exhibition is part of Space Studio & Gallery’s Puanga celebrations scheduled alongside our new nationwide wide public holiday honoring Matariki Day on Friday June 24th.

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