Out of a Rabbit Hole


Out of a Rabbit Hole

Leonie Sharp

Opening: February 2 5:30 pm

Viewing: February 2 until February 12

“Can we just call it Beauty for beauty’s sake?” she asks.  “No” they all replied.  “It must reflect the meaningful journey you took to make the work.”  “OK, so something like how it all began with a deep sadness about the extinction of species, an obsession with oddities and collectables, fascination with the bored Victorian women and their whimsical time filling microscopes, the palatial decoration of homes with ferneries and natural collections, of religious flip flops and long journeys down rabbit holes during lockdowns?”   She finished the work and noticed the twists it had taken on its own and just called it “Ironic”.

All feathers used in my work are from introduced non protected species. All butterflies used are either farmed or non-protected species.

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