Cam Edward

Opening: July 25 5:30 pm

Viewing: July 22 until August 1

Paintings by Cam Edward in response to new electronic music from Twig Pigeon.


Cam Edward, is an abstract painter based in Auckland, New Zealand. At first look, Cam Edward’s paintings might suggest his forms are digitally produced. But on closer inspection, it is revealed that these works are the result of masterful masking and colour gradient painting techniques. This blurring between the handmade and the technologically aided is at the centre of the artist’s practice.

Taking cues from computer-generated design, his paintings strive for technical precision; hard edges are a common feature of Edward’s paintings, while monochromatic uses of colour are overlaid in various iterations and styles. The resulting work is an exploration of control and restraint, spontaneity and the manipulation of scale and perspective.

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Space Studio & Gallery- 18 Saint Hill Street