Return to the Garden


Return to the Garden

Amy Blackburn

Opening: December 9 5:30 pm

Viewing: December 9 until December 19

A playful exploration of paint celebrating a love of gardens

My constant inspiration behind my work is to recreate the uplifting feelings that one would experience from nature. ‘Return to the Garden’ is a return to what I love most about nature, Gardens. When I see a beautiful garden, my mood is immediately uplifted, and I want to share this positive experience with others through my paintings.

My painting process is motivated by the exploration of paint application. I am interested in the action of expression when applying paint to canvas at different levels of viscosity. This has led me to explore, using a variety of different fibre headed brushes, and other mark making tools, so to build up the canvas with interesting gestural marks. I have had the pleasure of painting this body of work throughout the seasonal changes of spring, which has influenced my colour selection.

In experimentation for new discovery, I move between a desire to be free and playful, but considerate and aware of the formal aspects and qualities of painting. With the twists and turns of my paint brush, flowers began to form, and my painting start to take their own shape as a garden would.

My wish is for the viewer’s experience to be as positive as my own experiences in the garden, and for them to leave the work feeling uplifted and appreciative of nature’s beauty.

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