Salt of Saturn

Salt of Saturn

Ksenia Korniewska (Ukraine) & Neddal Ayyad

Opening: October 23 5:30 pm

Viewing: October 23 until November 2

A series of alien hieratic works inspired by alchemy, lichenology and medieval iconography.  

Ksenia Korniewska is a reclusive self-taught artist based in Kyiv, Ukraine. She employs a wide variety of painting media, focusing mainly on oils and cold wax, but also experimenting with egg tempera and acrylics. Drawing inspiration from 14th century Sienese iconography, 17th century anatomical illustrations, alchemy and neoplatonic philosophy, as well as from mineralogy and mycology, she creates alien hieratic paintings that are in equal measure organic and ethereal.

Exploring the intricate dynamics between the tangible and the intangible, between the corporeal and the spiritual, she depicts cosmic creation-throes of formless matter that is tending feebly towards authentic existence, a state which is as painful as it is ecstatic. It is not only in the pictorial aspect of her paintings that those ideas manifest, but also in the ways she manipulates her media: the ghostly transparency of glazes, the specks of pigments suspended in transparent resins, the chaotic flow of heavily-diluted paint, the smoothness or the roughness of textures.

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