Mike Marsh

Opening: July 3 5:30 pm

Viewing: July 3 until July 13

Featuring visual art by members of bands from fictional record label AND/OR DIE Records, including –

Mike Marsh (VVB / Punk Mountain)

Iggy Swab and Rory Swab (The Mouth Swabs)

Corey Harm and Brad Pit (Harm Pit)

Doug Thug and Icky Thug (Say Thug Things)

the JOHN (The Nervous Bowels)

Kenjison, Von Dust, Fat Stan, and Captain Rushworth (A Forest Fires, The Bamboo Shoots )           

Artist Statement:

My name is Mike Marsh. I graduated art school in 2009 and have been a practicing artist since.

While at art school I created a fictional rock band complete with band members that each erred towards different aspects of my creative personality and interests.

Since then I have continued developing a number of bands/members and for this exhibition I have attributed various styles of art making within my practice to some of these characters. I see this framework of alter-egos as a means of exploring art and pushing myself further into a variety of art styles while maintaining the ‘Mike Marsh’ aesthetic.