Adele Dubarry

Opening: February 3 5:30 pm

Viewing: February 3 until February 13

Most of these works were created post the Covid-19 lockdown when I was able to go back into my studio. The two large framed pastels have a different story which I am happy to share to the curious.

During lockdown, I did not paint with oils on canvas or make any large works.  I think it might have been part of the psychological impact the pandemic was having – uncertainty about what might happen in the world, the contraction of our day-to-day life to the walls of our house and the daily walk around the block. I did work in my sketchbooks, experimenting with acrylics for the first time, and it was from that work that these paintings developed.

Souvenir and This Year 2020:

Looking at these works now the pieces seem light and optimistic and remind me of holidays taken in the past. I can see palm trees and beaches and relaxing times in the sun and walks along coasts in the Spring and treks in the Ranges.

The oils on canvas on board have a very different feel and were created at the same time but from older works that I was dissatisfied with.  Now, happily, I love their mysterious other worldly feel.

Artists often talk about processes and by that they mean how they make what they need to make.  I like to work intuitively with a very loose intention to make marks, and then see what happens. My work is influenced by the natural world and that is always in my mind I suppose when I approach a blank canvas or sheet of paper. Often things end up looking like a landscape, or a natural form. It is the feeling of the place – the wind and the rain and the sun, or the feeling of a tree trunk when you touch it that I want to try and capture.

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