Space Supports: CRUSH- The Cowboy as Screen Idol


Space Supports: CRUSH- The Cowboy as Screen Idol

Michael Haggie

Opening: February 4 5:30 pm

Viewing: February 4 until February 24

My Cowboys are really a filmic idea. They are derived from a filmic perspective.

The film cowboy is a romanticised version beloved by children and adults alike. Through the medium of film, he assumed an heroic identity. In fact and reality, the cowboy was just a casual working hand. He was raised and transformed by the film industry, to become a more romanticised figure, and as a screen idol.

The cowboy was an iconic idea with an alpha male type masculinity. He enjoyed widespread popularity. I remember going to see cowboy films as a boy, and being enthralled by them.

In these paintings I am paying belated homage to the cowboy.

-Michael Haggie, February 2022

CRUSH is a joint exhibition brought to you by Whanganui Arts- At The Centre-19 Taupo Quay. Space Studio Artist Michael Haggie is joined by Paul Rayner & Tia Ranginui. Visit full exhibition: Weds-Friday 10am-3pm & Saturdays 10am-2pm. *My Vaccine Pass required for Opening Event.