The Places we Tread


The Places we Tread

Janet Mazenier

Opening: March 2 10:00 am

Viewing: March 2 until March 12

My practice is fundamentally about drawing. A surface offers a realm of infinite, different temporal and spatial dimensions to construct compositions. I take information from the world and out of this create other possible worlds – drawn marks, brushstrokes, a flick of solvent and/or a raw, felt line all accrete to a final work.
My discovery process starts with my daily walks, and the observations made of the micro-worlds uncovered by my dog as we pause to sniff, look and inhale. The globes of a seaweed necklace, twigs, pine-needles, broken asphalt, detritus, grass blades, weeds, organic, mulch matter become the subject-matter for my work.

My drawn paintings are created with oil paint and beeswax medium, the wax is sourced locally.

In 2021 I finished my Masters of Fine Art at Elam, University of Auckland and I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

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