The Storm

The Storm

Judy McIntyre & Dr. Karen Seccombe

Opening: November 20 5:30 pm

Viewing: November 20 until November 30

‘When the shelter is sure the storm is good’ -Henri Bosco.

Artists Statements:

Judy McIntyre:

The role of home changed at the end of the 18th Century, during the Industrial Revolution, with the workplace and public realm considered the proper domain of men, and the private realm of the home belonged to women.

Examining the history of the Ladies Rest Room reveals this ideological divide between public and private space, and the fight for women’s right to occupy public space.

The dynamics of gender are again being played out in this public/private space with the present-day debate to allow trans individuals access to sex-segregated public toilets.

Stalled! is a project established in America in 2015 to address the design consequences of legislation and court cases that would deny trans individuals’ access to sex-segregated public toilets aligned to their gender identity. Their intention is to create bathrooms that do not require an ideological agreement about what gender is and are friendly to all people who move through public spaces.

Dr. Karen Seccombe:

When the eerie quiet of the imminent storm descends within the ‘safety’ of home it shatters the construction of family. It challenges identity and diminishes hope. 

Survival relies on resistance.

Gathering together what outlives the storm takes time. Reclaiming what is ours illuminates our courage, strength, and dignity in the face of dehumanising indignity. 

We rebuild with the light that never left us. 

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