Opening: August 14 5:30 pm

Viewing: August 1 until August 31

A collaborative event between Space Studio & Gallery and the Women’s Network Whanganui. We are stoked to facilitate & host a myriad of fun & informative Winter events to raise funds for the empowerment and support of women in our community.

DEDICATION: The teams from Space Studio & Gallery and the Women’s Network dedicate the 2019 festival to the life and memory of Ray Stevens and Sue Westwood. Ray and Sue were fierce supporters of the community who always fought for their belief in fairness. We honour their lives and share this festival with you all in the spirit of togetherness.

Winter Wonderfest is brought to you by:

The Women’s Network Whanganui-

The Women’s Network is pleased once again to work with Sarah at Space Studio and Gallery to bring Whanganui this exciting festival programme. This is one of many successful collaborations we have worked on together and reflects our desire to create social connection and to inspire people.

Space Studio & Gallery-

We enjoy providing Whanganui with an engaging, interesting and ever changing ‘space’; collaborating with other organisations such as The Women’s Network provides us an opportunity to create even more connection and vibrancy to our yearly programmes- whilst also giving back to our community.

Winter Wonderfest launches 14th of August but, view/download the programme now!