Craig Sharp- Indelible.

Craig Sharp, indelible

ɪnˈdɛlɪb(ə)l/ {adjective}

(of ink or a pen) making marks that cannot be removed. Not able to be forgotten.

I have loved music forever, it is my drug of choice. It can change my mood or transport me to another time and place in seconds. I also love tattoos, the permanence and commitment to put something on yourself forever is intriguing.

I have tried to combine my passions and present a series of artists whose work has been meaningful to me, tattooed with their own lyrics, or designs influenced by their lyrics. The idea was to try and show how ingrained some of these lyrics become in your life.

Staying with the tattoo theme the portraits were drawn in ink allowing no hiding of mistakes and giving me some feeling for the pressure a tattooist might feel. The portraits were digitally scanned and printed on archival paper, and although they are all limited to a run of 10 prints, each has been inked with an additional and unique tattoo, making each print distinct.

The back wall is a counterpoint to the formality of the portraits, another nod to tattoo parlors “flash walls” with lyrics and tattoo designs pushed together in a mural reflecting the chaos in my mind.

Viewing until 23rd June

Space Studio & Gallery

The Works:

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