Craig Williams & Mark Antony Smith, Last Show



Last Show

New Ghost City Paintings from Mark and Nautical Themed Ceramics from Craig.

Viewing until 17th August

Space Studio & Gallery


Mark Antony Smith:

The city is filled with windows and at every window stands a ghost. At every street corner there is a lost memory. Just outside of the frame is a story we have missed. These places may mean something to me but they mean something else to you. 


Craig Williams:

I have been working in ceramics for the last eight years having previously used printing as a medium for my artistic expression. Ceramics is the perfect medium for me in that it combines both an artistic and a practical aspect. I love the physicality of producing the art works and the interactive nature of the finished product. My work evolves from conceptual drawings to its eventual 3D form. Recently I have been using a slip casting process to make multiple copies of basic forms. From these I detail and modify the casting to generate individual uniquely textured or coloured pieces.  


Round Face Mugs, mid fire glaze, parian porcelain, (10cm x 13cm Approx) $55 each


Rhyton Face Cup

A rhyton is a roughly conical container from which fluids were intended to be drunk or to be poured in some ceremony such as libation, or merely at table.

They are typically formed in the shape of an animal’s head, and were produced over large areas of ancient Eurasia, especially from Persia to the Balkans.

Rhyton Face Cup, mid fire glaze, Parian porcelain, (12 x 16 cm approx) $70 Each:


Round Face Mugs, mid fire glaze, Parian porcelain, 11 x 13cm, $65 each:

(please note all of these mugs have handles even if you can’t see them in the images)


Square Tumblers, mid fire glaze, Parian Porcelain, (11 x 7cm approx), $50 each:


Works In-Situ:

Craig Williams & Mark Antony Smith, Last Show, 11th-17th August, Space Gallery