Spaced Out (A Group Exhibition)


Mike Marsh

Spaced Out

30 artists combining for a dynamic end of year group show

MB Stoneman/ Katherine Claypole/ Cecelia Kumeroa/ Neddal Ayad/ Frances Stachl/ Emma Cunningham/ Patrick Cush/ Rita Dibert/ Rachael Garland/ Tanya Hayton/ Vanessa Edwards/ Michelle Colson/ Sandra Louwrens de Kock/ Pam Bell/ Mark Rayner/ Paul Rayner/ Tom Seaman/ Mike Marsh/ Cat Sleyer/ Tia Ranginui/ Ivan Vostiner/ Sheila Pearson/ Graham Hall/ Leigh Anderton-Hall/ Lynn Hurst/ Glen Hutchins/ Alice McDonald/ Stacey Hildreth/ Jo Giddens/ Catherine MacDonald

Late Night: Wednesday 5th December, 6-8pm

Viewing until, Friday, 7th of December

Space Studio & Gallery


The Works:

Works In-situ:

‘Spaced Out’, A Group Exhibition featuring 30 Local Artists, 1st-7th December, Space Gallery