Aroha: Ngā Hīhī o te Aroha


Aroha: Ngā Hīhī o te Aroha

$80-$65 (reproduction prints- varying sizes)

The name of this pattern is “Ngā Hīhī o te Aroha” or the sun’s rays. My inspiration for this pattern came from times of walking through bush in the crisp mornings and then walking into these rays that beamed through the trees. The effect is immediate. The coldness in my tinana (body) begins to defrost and warmth permeates into me. It is a moment like when a vampire shows his body in the sun (at least the modern Stephine Myer vampires), my body straightens, and strengthens and I am renewed.

Love does this.The light permeates from one source, be it from the Lord, from your parents, your significant other and from yourself. Like the sun, love lasts forever. Now I don’t know scientifically if the sun will last forever, but for this point, it does. True love lasts forever. It does not mean that it will always feel like the light is permeating you. We are imperfect beings; the important thing is that we must continue to work at it. Look at the each of these tukutuku panels, we need to work at all of them for love to have the power to truly permeate into ourselves and to be a vessel to permeate into others. 

Size: Original painting- 600mm x 1600mm

Medium: Original painting - Acrylic on Canvas (reproduction prints available- see catalogue above)

Status: For Sale

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