Felicity Priest The Delaware – Wreck & Rescue

Felicity Priest The Delaware – Wreck & Rescue

$700 per panel

1.  impending storm

2. rocks sighted– SOLD

3. ship’s mate rescue– SOLD

4. assessing the situation

5. plunging in – ropework

6. on shore – recovery

Purchase as a set: POA

‘Currently’ continuing to work on a variety of maritime themes, this six-part narrative piece is a pictorial retelling, of a well-known New Zealand story of heroism, selflessness and bravery in the dramatic sea rescue by Maori people of the crew of the shipwrecked Brigantine Delaware. Early in September of 1863, a violent north westerly storm raged along the coast around Nelson.  From their Pa at Whakapuaka, a young local Maori Chieftainess, Huria Matenga and her husband Heme noticed a sail powered ship in serious distress on the treacherous jagged rocks far below. Gathering up a small party, they rushed down to the scene, and quickly assessing the desperate situation, immediately stripped of their clothing and plunged into the massive boiling turbulence, swimming out, under and through great pounding waves to attempt a rescue. It was Huria who caught the heavy rope thrown down from the ship and she who swam with it to the shore, there securing it to a huge boulder so as to create a ship to shore lifeline.  One by one, the ship’s crew was ably assisted, along the rope to shore and safety with all lives saved. Sadly, however, there was no hope for the abandoned vessel, the newly built and beautiful brigantine Delaware, for by now she was irreparably damaged. Brutally split in two and rent into smithereens on the rocks, she was finally and ignominiously claimed by the raging seas.  The exhibit comprises six painted wall hangings, one on each face of a floor mounted freestanding double sided bifold screen, sequentially hung in line with the narrative. Each hanging may be purchased individually to be traditionally wall hung or the whole work of six, including or excluding the screen.

Size: 51cm x 162cm per panel

Medium: Acrylic

Status: For Sale

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