MILADA HORÁKOVÁ (1901 – 1950) Milada was a Czech politician and a member of the underground resistance movement during World War II. She was a victim of judicial murder, convicted and executed by the nation’s Communist Party on fabricated charges of conspiracy and treason. Many prominent figures in the West petitioned for her life. Her political activities focused on enhancing the role of women in society and preserving Czechoslovakia’s democratic institutions. She was hanged in Prague on 27 June 1950 at the age of 48. Her reported last words were: “I have lost this fight but I leave with honour. I love this country, I love this nation, strive for their wellbeing. I depart without rancour towards you. I wish you, I wish you…

Size: 20 x 80cm

Medium: Illustration printed on vinyl on skateboard

Status: For Sale

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