RESCHEDULED: Workshop: Painting with Cold Wax Medium


RESCHEDULED: Workshop: Painting with Cold Wax Medium

When: 10:00am, March 4, 2022 – 4:00pm, March 6, 2022

Cost: $335

This event is being rescheduled to late 2022 stay tuned for more information.

This 3 day workshop with artist Janet Mazenier teaches you how to paint in layers with a fast-drying beeswax medium; suitable for beginners to advanced.

Painting with a beeswax medium (called cold wax painting) allows you to build up layers with a fast-drying medium that gives you a surface to paint, draw, carve and create textured surfaces.  Cold wax medium (CWM) allows you to do all this and more. CWM is a versatile medium that, when mixed with paint or pigment can create vibrancy and patina, translucence and opacity in your paintings.

CWM is not encaustic wax so there is no need to use any heat-based method to make art with wax.  CWM is made from beeswax that is mixed with a hardener and an organic solvent then combined with oil paints or dry pigments; it can also be used on its own, or mixed with particulates for textural applications.  It dries hard.

Through these workshops we explore techniques that create visual texture with a sense of depth, mood or meaning.  You will develop multiple small-medium works, applying various techniques using CWM to create your paintings.  CWM is fun, easy to use and suitable for both beginners and more experienced practitioners.

Limited to 12 participants

This event is being run as part of La Fiesta! NZ’s Best Women’s Fest: 11th February – 13th March 2022.

*My Vaccine Pass is required to participate in this workshop

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