Our Stockroom showcases 10 Whanganui based artists. 10 works from each artist are available exclusively through us online and in rotation in the gallery. Stay tuned as we individually announce our Stable of Artists.

Leigh Anderton-Hall

Leigh Anderton-Hall draws from human and natural imagery, urban structures and objects to address personal and collective concerns & fascinations; her work is informed by personal experience, current affairs and mythical archetypes. Predominantly working in series, Leigh builds a narrative through collections of objects which over her career has varied from painting, constructed objects and more recently ceramics.

Emma Cunningham

Emma Cunningham speaks in the language of materiality. Her fine eye and attention to detail in shaping and casting recycled metal perfectly sets off and accentuates natural materials such as stone, wood, fresh-water pearls, shell and seeds. This assemblage style is seen in both her 2-D and jewellery practices.

Inspired by ancient mythologies and folklore Emma uses nature and birdlife to highlight the importance of reflecting on our history to preserve our future.

Amy Blackburn

Evidence of her love for gardens and the natural world; Amy Blackburn’s paintings through experimental paint application and a joyful approach to colour transcend what she physically sees into so much more. These sought after paintings exude a certain type of serenity many artists wish to obtain. To live with an Amy Blackburn is one of life’s greatest treasures- and would prove to be a truly rewarding investment piece.

Perry Davies

Perry Davies is a printmaker, painter and formerly a designer/sculptor with work in collections all over New Zealand and abroad. His work inspired by vernacular and colonial architecture; buildings much like his paintings exuding ‘unconscious style’ and appeal. He custom frames each painting himself with recycled materials reminiscent of his iconic birdhouses.

Samantha Matthews

Samantha Matthews’ aesthetic is one of quiet calm; tensions are built upon unnervingly clean lines, compositions and clever observations as she traverses New Zealand landscapes, documenting buildings and places ‘off the beaten track’. A view never seen before or perhaps just entirely overlooked- Samantha’s photographs compel us to look again.

Glen Hutchins

Glen Hutchins’ work is inspired by the landscape and the ocean; the West coast of the North Island and the idea of exploration and discovery – the need we have to explore, navigate and push the limits of the known.

Mark Rayner

Mark Rayner uses a variety of mediums: ceramics, photography and latch hook rugs. Through his art, Mark explores politics, popular culture and all things weird and wonderful.

Warning… works are often abjectly humorous, alluring and addictive to collect!

David Traub

Stretching the boundaries of glass, colour and abstraction; David’s passion for glass has spanned a career of 50 years which has seen his work exhibited around the world and selected for numerous publications.

Using multiple techniques such as blown hot glass and kiln processes like fusing and slumping, David creates collectable platters and freestanding works inspired by painting, textiles and architecture.

Patrick Cush

Abstract painter Patrick Cush lives a life dedicated to paint. Through his colour harmonies, layering and glazing, Patrick uses painting as a form of escapism, creating an engaging surface only achievable with reflection, commitment, patience and the joy he finds in this medium.

Mike Marsh

Popular Whanganui artist Mike Marsh walks the tightrope of lowbrow and contemporary art. Known largely for his pop painting, portraits and characters, Mike’s work has an immediacy of visual impact that is intended to entertain and bring amusement to the viewer.