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MB Stoneman: The Nun and the Poet: Jerusalem

  MB Stoneman The Nun and the Poet: Jerusalem Printmaking exhibition exploring philosophies at Jerusalem through research and residency at the old convent up the Whanganui River. Viewing until the 22nd September Space Studio & Gallery   The Works : MB Stoneman, The Nun and the Poet: Jerusalem¬†(Click to open publication)   Works In-Situ:

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  • Mark Rayner, Metallic Man
  • Manu Ora-Living Bird- Vanessa Edwards
  • Sophie Klerk, O
  • Where the coffee is ripe- Sarah Williams
  • Fleur Wickes, Right down deep
  • Mark Rayner, Burt Rugs
  • Sarah Williams - Castlecliff Sign
  • Mark Rayner, Alien