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Classical Remains: New Pencil Drawings by Michael Haggie

  Classical Remains New pencil drawings by Michael Haggie As an artist, I am depicting the viewer and the viewed object; sometimes the people depicted are looking out towards us, the viewers. On the surface, this exhibition appears to be all about museum sculptures and artefacts. However in some drawings, people are lying down close to the objects. There are … Read More

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  • Katherine Claypole, Shoot the Breeze
  • Sophie Klerk, Silence
  • Katherine Claypole, The Bather
  • Patrick Cush, Oilgasm
  • Eli Lamont
  • Leigh Anderton-Hall, Ceramic Vases
  • Locksley Avenue- Kowhai Earrings
  • Celadon-Style Porcelain Tea bowl #2- Shane Gallagher