From Scratch


From Scratch

Glen Hutchins

Opening: July 17 5:30 pm

Viewing: July 17 until July 27

Fundraising exhibition of recent drawings by Glen Hutchins.

My son Ollie has been given the opportunity to study and play football (soccer) in America at Iowa Western Community College. He will be attending classes at the college from August 2024 and will study a major in Exercise Science and Kinesiology while playing football for the college.

Donations received in this exhibition will go towards the travel and study costs to send Ollie to the U.S.A for up to 4 years.

Usually, these works would retail between $1800 – $3000.00. This is a one-off opportunity to acquire a work for a donation.

Donations of $600.00 + for large drawings and $200.00 + for small drawings would be kindly accepted.

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