Along The Way


Along The Way

Glen Armstrong

Opening: September 13 5:30 pm

Viewing: September 13 until September 23

The title of this exhibition suggests a journey.

This can be read as the journey of the artist, learning and discovering through mark making. But more, it is the journey that we take, and the journey that the things around us take as part of their interaction with us. Currently I am interested in things we use – and their remnants, and their ongoing journey after passing through our hands.

Our family compost bin is an example of this. Over the course of a week or two, layers of discarded vegetable scraps form a short history, and at the end of their journey with us, and after their peak ripeness they degrade and rot, and begin a journey back to earth. I find this layer of discarded peels and scraps tells a story.

I keep that in mind when making my work. While the works are not directly attributable to a specific time, I am mindful and reflective, of the layers of time and memory used to create these piles of waste.

A journey to the compost bin on repeat, and reflective of the time, the season, the cost, the supermarket, the weather, who shops and who chops.
Like every part of life this is another cycle, a pattern, a journey, a means, and a way, a meal, and usually, some peel.

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