Embracing Joy: Living in the Moment


Embracing Joy: Living in the Moment

Michele Theobald

Opening: October 11 5:30 pm

Viewing: October 11 until October 21

We live in a world that often races forward, consumed by a pursuit of the next goal, or the anticipation of the future. In response to this fast-paced reality, my latest collection of work is an exploration of the ordinary moments.  Moments that often go unnoticed, yet hold within them the power to ignite joy and evoke deep emotions. 

Embracing Joy: Living in the Moment is an invitation to find contentment in the present, and to explore the many paths to happiness. Life’s precious treasures are the moments we live fully, the passions we pursue, and the joy we create with the people around us.

The interplay of human interactions and the bonds of family, serve as the core themes that drive my creative process.   Working as a full-time artist from my studio in Palmerston North, I employ acrylic as my primary medium, drawn to its versatility and ability to convey both subtlety and vibrancy, yet I also find joy in experimenting with mixed media.

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