From Eltham


From Eltham

Dan Mills

Opening: February 1 5:30 pm

Viewing: February 1 until February 11

Paintings from the last couple of mad years.

Artist Bio:

I’m a painter, I work on Canvas with Oil and Spray-paint, I also spend a certain amount of my time painting murals. I live with my Wife and 3 daughters. I’ve been a full time artist since 2006, but I’ve always painted.  

The paintings I produce in the studio are expressive, abstract surrealism, currently I’m working with gold and copper leaf, Spray paint and Oil paint applied with a palette knife, I focus on abstraction colour and texture, then I render images and forms that appear to me/us I feel that the images we discover relate to a broader collective sub-consciousness. 

My public commissions and murals are often more illustrative and representational, usually designed first and specific to the place where they are installed.

In the last few years I’ve moved more towards studio work.

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