Garden Rapture 


Garden Rapture 

Amy Blackburn

Opening: March 22 10:00 am

Viewing: March 22 until April 2

I find my current approach to painting both challenging and exciting. Each painting is new ground for me to grow my understanding of what I can achieve with paint. Throughout my painting process I am working between the lines of being playful and experimental with my paint application, but within that, taking time to consider formal elements and problem solving to achieve my objective. Each painting takes on its own form and journey of discovery.

Garden Rapture is a continued response to how gardens and the natural world inspires and uplifts me every day. From small moments gazing at my little garden from my kitchen window to time spent gardening. The natural world is a constant source of delight and joy.

My pursuit in painting is to recreate and express these uplifting feelings by achieving a sense of light and rapture, reminiscent of the garden. My hope is for my work to incite these same feelings of joy and delight in the viewer as well.

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This exhibition is proud to be participating in Artists Open Studios!

Please note extra weekend hours on Saturday / Sunday 25th/26th March & 1st/2nd April 10am-4pm due to our involvement in this event. There is no opening night for this exhibition.