Ivan Vostinar

Opening: December 6 5:30 pm

Viewing: December 6 until December 22

The intention for this show was to have lithe human figures with new sculptural glazes. I wanted to challenge myself by making tall figures, hopefully as high and graceful as possible. Sculpting thin and tall forms is more difficult than making more robust forms as they have a tendency to droop or collapse not only while building but also during the high firing if they are not built correctly. The piece called ‘Fluency’ pushed this idea the furthest and was the real test during firing.

I always like to develop and use a new glaze for a sculptural show as it adds to the uniqueness of the work. Glazes however can take a long time to develop, sometimes it takes years to finally resolve and hit on the perfect recipe that suits one’s clay, the form and firing temperature. This time I mainly focused on matt and satin glazes as these can show lovely soft shadows on the sculptures. The glaze odyssey continues!

{ Gallery 2 }