MB Stoneman

Opening: March 22 10:00 am

Viewing: March 22 until April 2

n. pl. mor·pho·ses

The manner in which an organism or any of its parts changes form or undergoes development.

[Greek morphōsis, process of forming, from morphoun, to form, from morphē, form.]

Inspired by the change of the seasons, these works celebrate transformation and renewal.  Forms of nature are suspended within evocative silhouettes, contemplating the evolutionary aspects of our relationship with nature

Cyanotype:  A slow-reacting, photographic printing formulation sensitive to ultraviolet light spectrum.  It produces a cyan-blue print used for art as monochrome imagery and blueprints. An early photographic technique discovered in 1842, often used to capture exact detail of natural specimens. The process entails mixing two chemicals – ferric ammonium citrate and potassium ferricyanide – apply to paper, use stencil, expose to UV light and rinse out in a water bath. Due to inconsistencies of UV light and random exposures, many variables can be achieved, often with surprising results.

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This exhibition is proud to be participating in Artists Open Studios!

Please note extra weekend hours on Saturday / Sunday 25th/26th March & 1st/2nd April 10am-4pm due to our involvement in this event. There is no opening night for this exhibition.