tell tales


tell tales

Mayumi Sherburn

Opening: June 28 5:30 pm

Viewing: June 28 until July 8

…narrated by daintily handcrafted prints + drawings

I have fondness for extinct or little living birds in Aotearoa. Here are my stories. Angels are like my heavenly birds, channelling the birds in heaven and earth.

I often listen to the classical music and work with the flow. I especially like the sound of cello which vibrates my core.

Linocut and drypoint (with chine-collé¹) are my favourite printmaking techniques. Chine-collé resonates with ‘collage’, which is my main art medium.

¹ Chine-collé

The process of sticking a piece of paper to another using glue and then running them through the printing press. Chine is French for ‘China’, which refers to the thin Asian paper originally used with this technique and collé means ‘glued’.

A few further editions are available for the most prints.

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