Siobhan Wooding

Opening: February 14 5:30 pm

Viewing: February 14 until February 24

Tourist is a first venture in expressing an evolving internal process of cultural reconciliation. Self-examination is most potent when visiting the River Road – a place where I whakapapa to, and yet, am a total stranger to. A place where colonial, Maori and natural imagery are interwoven in harmony. Painting such a place feels almost like a resolution, placing each representative image in its own place, yet all together.

The visual language used in these works is derived from the River Road; a carved old-English sign from Hiruharama, the constant barrage of road signs, tukutuku adorning St Joseph’s Church, roadside weeds, and kempt roses, a lone flower a beacon amongst the shaded native bush, and of course, the landscape born from the river.

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