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This process involved traveling light, due to necessity, and working with limited materials forcing improvisation, this canvas was folded and refolded with cropped sections being sketched and painted on, I used the canvas instead of a sketch book,  there is something special in the sketches and in the margins and edges,  I want to retain that energy in the finished painting.

This canvas was primed in Whanganui, the images, sketches, notes, acrylic and watercolors were all added in St Ives, I stretched it out in rural Czech Rep (my wifes home) and added layers of shellac, oil and glazes, I brought it back again to Whanganui for the final stretch, touch ups and varnish.
St Ives is a place I spent much of my childhood and like all the places this canvas traveled through, it’s a little bit, but not completely, like home.
Much of the imagery is of the landscape in and around St Ives, there is also a recurring image of a sculpture by a Cornish based artist, Paul Mount, this particular sculpture was given to my Grandfather, they were involved in the same pacifism, objection and Ambulance service in WW2, I also drew on the work of Patrick Heron (another conscientious objector and Cornish artist) 
On May 23rd 2017 I saw a man walking along the beach in St Ives followed by six women, not seven sadly and I don’t think they were his wives, that sketch is in the centre of the canvas.

Size: 120 x 140cm

Medium: Mixed Media on Canvas

Status: For Sale

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