Catherine Macdonald- There’s No Place Like Home


Catherine Macdonald- There’s No Place Like Home


“Things” such an all-encompassing nonspecific word, I’m quite fond of it, I use it a lot, being a person whose brain doesn’t always readily supply the word I require. It’s also a handy short way of collecting a variety of subjects together under the umbrella of one word – the old “How’s things?” A casual asking that allows people to pick which, if any, “Thing” they might want to talk about.

The nature of things lately, has been a bit disconcerting, when we picked this title last year, I liked the vagueness of it – thought to myself “ I make stuff about things all the time, sweet!” Now there seems to be a lot of important things going on that we all should be thinking about the nature of. I’ve found myself introverting, looking at the past, distracting myself with small manageable things, finding ways to make my local better because the national and global just seem a bit full on at the moment.

Size: 750 x 550mm

Medium: Pencil and watercolour

Status: For Sale

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