Cheleigh Dunkerton- Comfort and Connection; natures nest


Cheleigh Dunkerton- Comfort and Connection; natures nest


Moments in nature attribute to my sense of connection with the more-than-human world. A space where I can be myself in my wholeness, my full-beingness, in relationship with other beings. As I have deepened my connection to nature, and the nature within myself, I have felt a deep sense of belonging that reminds me that I am a part of this planet.

Establishing a deeper connection with the natural world, can also be a part of our support network. Holistic relationship with nature encompasses both nature’s ability to nurture us, through our contact with natural places and spaces, and our ability to reciprocate this healing connection through our ability to nurture nature.

Through these paintings I hope to capture the connection and magic of precious moments spent in and with nature.

Cheleigh has been working in the Manawatu arts community over the last 7 years. Originally trained as an artist and a youthworker, she is now a creative arts therapist (AThr) with a passion for ecotherapy. Cheleigh is also a facilitator at Wai the Women’s Art Initiative.

Size: 29cm x 21cm

Medium: Acrylic on wood

Status: For Sale

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