Erana Kaa, Tuitui,


Erana Kaa, Tuitui,

$1250 (includes mannequins)

KuaOHO is being conscious and navigating the reality of being indigenous women. 

Consciousness enables us to heal as we see ourselves and others with greater clarity. 

For the indigenous people of the Hokianga there is an ancestral practise of performing karakia to the outgoing tide.  These karakia can express raruraru (problems) which are absorbed by the ocean and pulled down to the deep sea floor caverns.  As the incoming tide returns the energy is cleared and healing takes place.

Tuitui references this ancestral practise and the power of one’s voice.

My tipuna Kohuru Tewhata was a carver, renowned throughout the Hokianga as the innovator of unaunahi, a stylistic depiction of waves (Ngaru nui, Ngaru roa, Ngaru Paewhenua) and taniwha scales (Araiteuru, Niniwa, Puhimoanaariki). 

Here unaunahi creates a channel for healing energy between wāhine.  They stand unified by an ancestral thread, connecting us and awakening us to our whakapapa, our ātua and our mana. 

Size: Variable

Medium: Linen, embroidery thread

Status: For Sale

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